CG Technologies

CG Technologies is a Canadian owned and operated company that deals with managed IT services. Providing world-class customer service, they are able to design and implement computer-related systems for organizations. The company can also maintain the network systems and manage the software solutions with security in mind. Founded in 1996, CG Technologies is an established company constantly improving on their already proven technical expertise.

CG Technologies is a managed IT services provider that specializes in everything computer-related, allowing your business to run smoothly. Based in Concord, Ontario, the Toronto IT support business was founded in 1996. They have exceptional customer service, which is reflected in 95% of their original customers still using their services. Each customer can have cost-effective managed IT software solutions tailored to their needs.


155 Romina Dr
Concord, ON L4K 4Z9


(416) 244-4357


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