Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada

Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada is a registered nonprofit debt relief assistance organization committed to helping people resolve their debt problems. They find the best debt relief solution for individuals and families who require a budget, are struggling with debt, are having trouble making minimum payments, or are receiving collection calls. Based in Moncton, they provide help with budgeting, credit card debt, debt management and consolidation plans and provide financial education to the Moncton area.

In addition, they offer a Debt Management Program for consumers having difficulty meeting their monthly payment obligations and require assistance negotiating reduced payment and interest terms. The professional team at Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada Moncton has been serving the Moncton, New Brunswick area since 1997, helping many people stop worrying and start living free from their debts. They serve anyone who needs advice on how to manage money, as well as reduce or eliminate debts.


1010 St George Blvd #103
Moncton, NB E1E 3W7


(888) 753-2227


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