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Preszler Law Firm was founded in 1959 in Ontario, and the personal injury lawyers of their Vancouver firm are now offering their services to their clients across British Columbia. They are renowned for their dedication to helping their clients, and for the exceptional quality of their customer service.If you have recently been injured in an accident, or if one of your family members has been injured and is now dealing with pain and anxiety, the lawyers of Preszler Law will be there for you. They can assist you during your recovery, and they will fight for your rights to receive a fair compensation for your injuries.

Preszler Law has a dedicated team of experienced lawyers who share a client-centered approach. They treat each of their clients the same way they would like to be treated, and they value their relationships with them. In fact, many of their past clients could tell you that Preszler Law is a law firm with a heart.The areas of practice of the lawyers of Preszler Law include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, dog bite claims, long-term disability, wrongful death, and more.


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