Sunset Homes

Sunset Homes is a custom home builder is based in the city of Calgary in the province of Alberta. The company’s specialty is custom inner city homes, also known as ‘infill homes.’ Sunset Homes will build large, luxury-style detached homes and they will build smaller homes, both detached and semi-detached. Not every builder can successfully participate in inner city building, because it consists of building homes in existing neighbourhoods, right around homes that have been standing for years. With such a specific area, a lot of consideration must be given to size and shape of the home that’s being built so it conforms to the local building codes and by-laws.

If the home is indeed in an existing neighbourhood, Sunset Homes also has to be respectful of the residents who already live nearby. They must use every safety precaution to ensure a safe working area. They are also involved in green building practices which helps keep any environmental issues on the backburner during construction. The process can be a lengthy one from start to finish, but anyone who wants a new, inner city home in the Calgary area can turn to Sunset Homes as the builder to make their dream a reality.


2136 33 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 1Z6


(403) 607-6166


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