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How to Get Proper Compensation After a Traumatic Injury: A Guide

By: Paige Jackson


Suffering an accident-related injury is traumatic and often means you must miss work, change your daily routine and must deal with physical setbacks. Apart from recovering from this shock, you also must seek medical benefits to cover your personal injury and help you recover from this unfortunate experience. Assurance of your complete entitled benefits and fair compensation for your injuries is important.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Only a qualified and experienced lawyer can provide you with this level of comfort and assurance, as well as navigate through insurance formalities to obtain more than the essential medical and wage loss benefits such as transportation requirement in the case of the inability to drive or easier home care in the case of the inability to look after your home after a personal injury. However, areas to be watchful for are the crowded ads and hopeful promises from various personal injury lawyers.

Four Ways Your Lawyer Can Help

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer who is committed to investigating your case and preserving your rights is essential for obtaining the full compensation you are entitled to. Here are a few guidelines on choosing an experienced personal injury lawyer:

  1. Specialists with personal injury litigation knowledge: Personal injury lawyers are different from other lawyers as they are experienced and knowledgeable in a specific area of the law that focuses on injury due to negligence. Whether you are the victim or the alleged, a personal injury lawyer is a specialist who can guide you through all the legal procedures and insurance formalities, and will know how best to handle your case.

  1. Experience matters: Because personal injuries are serious and fact dependent, you want to find a lawyer who has experience on various cases and has been successful in reaching mutually agreed settlements for different cases. Insurance processes can be long and delayed. However, an experience lawyer will leverage their experience by recalling a strategy that worked in the past to solve your case and accelerate the insurance process.

  1. Client Service: A good lawyer is responsive to your needs and will give your case the time and dedication it deserves. Many reputable lawyers have several cases in progress. They may not have enough time to assign to your case or might hand it off to a less experienced lawyer. This is not the kind of lawyer you need. If the personal injury law firm promises client service, they are offering you an experienced lawyer best suited to resolve your case, navigate easily through the complexities of the system, be able to answer all your questions, be patient and supportive, save you from the stress of dealing with legal claims and insurances, and take time to review your case carefully so you receive all your entitled benefits.

  1. Expert Connections: Apart from just navigating through the complexities and providing the personal attention, the law firm will have connections with occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, speech specialists, rehabilitation consultants and so forth to provide the services and consultation necessary for a quick and safe recovery.

Unfortunately, there are strict timelines to adhere to when submitting claims and receiving settlements which is why the lawyer you choose will have a huge impact on the justice and compensation you receive.

You are in pain and at a disadvantage when it comes to living normally and going about everyday life. Therefore, it is important to seek fair compensation for your injuries and accompanying setbacks to help you during the recovery period. The insurance company is not likely to sympathize with you so your hope is to get the best personal injury lawyer to help you restore a normal life and protect your rights, while you focus on getting better.